The Woodlands Marathon is Giving Back to Charity

The Woodlands Marathon (in The Woodlands, Texas) is once again taking place this year for the fourth time and it is estimated that about 7500 runners are taking part in the event. In spite of the fact that this annual event is happening for the fourth time, its history is much older. Read on to find out more.

The first time The Woodlands Marathon happened was in 1979 about half a decade after The Woodlands community was set up. However, the event restarted in the year 2012 on 3 March after a gap of 19 long years. The annual marathon has since become a national event which plays a large part in promoting active healthy lifestyles and simultaneously encouraging the sport of running not only among the local communities in the vicinity of Houston, Texas, but also across the entire country.

The Race Director, Willie Fowlkes opined that The Woodlands Marathon is a world-class event that the local community has access to. Not only does the race promote the health aspect among its participants, but also causes an economic impact in the region to the tune of about $6 to $7 million. In total, it is comparable to most other premium events of its kind that are held globally.

The participants who register for any event of The Woodlands Marathon are also privileged to participate in the Charity Challenge through which they can contribute their mite to the society. The participants can choose to raise funds for any charity when they train prior to the race. The highest amounts that are raised by the runners are given away to the charities along with $18000 prize money that the management of The Woodlands Marathon keeps aside for the purpose. In case you are not running the race, you can still participate in The Woodlands Marathon as a volunteer. You can do your bit to contribute to a happy, safe and healthy weekend for all the participants.

This year we invite you to the event taking place on February 28, and if you are not running, you can stand by the side-lines and cheer the participants some of who are running for the sake of their health, their achievements, and some for the sake of charitable organizations. The Woodlands Community runners of all ages and levels would do well with your cheers and encouragement. Well, in addition to all others, Fidelty Investments would be there too, both on the tracks as well as among the crowds.

If you’d like to train for this event there are several great gyms in The Woodlands, TX that can accomodate you. Below is list of just a few of the recommended locations.

Gym and Fitness Centers:

The Woodlands Personal Training
25901 Interstate 45
Spring, TX 77380
(281) 298-3748

Woodlands Strength and Conditioning
22820 I-45 North Suite 1A
Spring, TX 77373
(281) 881-6538

Legend Sports Complex
602 Pruitt Road
The Woodlands, TX 77380
(281) 298-5700

FIT Human Performance
27240 Glen Loch Drive
The Woodlands, Texas 77381
(832) 813-8010

What We Won This Budget Season

There is no denying that we can all feel very proud of our work this year. Our budget campaign got huge victories that not only included funding restorations but also policy shifts and NEW investments in critical programs!

But the most successful aspect of the campaign was the way so many different organizations and individuals came together to make it happen. Fair Budget’s active campaign committee included staff from organizations, concerned community members, long-time DC activists and volunteer advocates who are directly impacted by budget cuts. Our members, volunteers and allies were able to mobilize equally diverse crowds for our actions, making a big impression on our Councilmembers. We helped each other to learn new social media tools, to understand the budget process, and to build relationships with reporters. And we figured out what other skills we will have to learn to have an even bigger impact next year.

This is another kind of victory for our campaign. The feeling that we’re building something powerful, that we’re bringing people together to think beyond the budget numbers to what actually makes a budget fair. There are many programs that are still desperately underfunded. There are policies and practices that can undermine what money we do win for services. Political will is too often determined by money or re-election concerns, rather than by human needs and human rights. But as we continue to build power, we will develop the strength, skills and vision to successfully re-imagine the budget process and make Justice a central component.

Continue reading

Victory! Because of you!

Yesterday we joined advocates and community members in a packed Council Chamber to witness the final vote that passed the FY2013 budget. We’ll have more details coming soon, but we just wanted to offer an initial report that ALL FOUR of the items we were pushing in our most recent email action were included in the budget!! Three of the four were put into the budget ahead of the vote today.

The fourth item we wanted, a one-year delay before cuts to TANF families are implemented, was introduced in an amendment from Jim Graham. It spurred a heated debate on the dais. We had a shaky 8 votes in support and it seemed like we might lose a couple over the course of the debate. But as more Councilmembers weighed in and spoke powerfully about how the government has failed TANF families and shouldn’t punish the families for that failure, sentiments seemed to turn. Jack Evans and Vincent Orange were among those who spoke the most passionately in support of Graham’s amendment. (You should have seen the wide eyes and dangling mouths of the advocates in the room when Evans really got going.) Continue reading


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