Make One City Possible by Investing in Adult Literacy!

Everyone should have the opportunity to be an effective citizen, worker, family member, or partner in their children’s education. Although our area has the highest number of college graduates too many of our citizens possess low literacy levels.

  • 1 in 5 D.C. adults lacks a high school diploma
  • 1 in 3 D.C. adults cannot read a newspaper or a map

Without resources, it is impossible to significantly improve lives.

Restoring $1.2 million to adult literacy will strengthen the workforce and promote economic development for the city.

Within 18 months following completion of an adult basic education program, learners achieve significant annual wage gains. Higher wages help sustain the local economy and research has shown that a parents’ literacy level, especially a mother’s, is one significant factor in determining whether or not children will succeed in school and graduate from high school.

A literate citizenry can improve our whole community and achieve the goal of Making One City Possible.

On January 24th, WAMU 88.5, a local affiliate of NPR, aired a story called, “Breaking the Cycle when Dropping Out Runs in the Family” featuring two Academy of Hope learners, Saundra Walker and Grace McMillian, mother and daughter respectively.

Hear and read their stories here and learn the top five reasons dropouts identify for leaving school.


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