Take Action Today! (Last chance before budget vote!)

Although we are still celebrating our victory restoring $46 million to safety net services (click here to see an inspiring video of our culminating “Day in the Strife” action!), there remain a few programs that did not get addressed in the Council’s budget. Please take action today by emailing the Council asking them to support these critical programs. We have until the final budget vote on Tuesday, June 5th to get money for these programs into the Council’s “Wish List” (funded if there is extra revenue next year).

The priorities we need Council to address are:

1) Delaying benefit cuts to families receiving TANF (Temporary Assistance for Needy Families). Families who have been on TANF more than 60 months would have to survive on $257 a month if the cuts go through.

2) Investing in the Project-based component of the Local Rent Supplement Program, which helps create desperately needed affordable housing.

3) Providing assistance to injured DC workers.

We are asking Fair Budget members and supporters to email and call DC Councilmembers today to advocate for our remaining priorities.

Email your Councilmember by clicking here for an easy one-click action!

Call Kwame Brown to ask him to support these priorities at: (202) 724-8032

We’re almost there! Please help us spread the word. Let’s keep up the pressure and get this done!


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